Deerpark Star of the Show

AKA: Star, Junior, Kid, Stardog,Star Come!, and Star No!

Star landed on the planet on March 11, 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona. I was able to visit the litter of ten when the puppies were three and a half weeks old and about the size of a burrito. She came home three weeks later. Star is quite a spirited gal. This is a notably alert dog who drinks in the world with great gusto. She watches and listens with an intensity that is a pleasure to watch. For a while I also thought we were dealing with multiple personality disorder. Some of the time there was the LandShark that jumped and chewed and roared around the house. Sometimes there was the sweet and cuddly furball. Both identities are still present, though the LandShark has calmed some and the Furball takes up a lot more room every day.

At four months she was able to get out in the world and melt a lot of hearts as we took walks in commercial districts in Oakland and Berkeley and the dog park in nearby El Cerrito. These are still slow walks because every third person whose path we cross needs to stop us to ask what she is, how old she is, how big will she get, etc. She promises to be great fun. Below find some pictures from these first four months of what I hope will be a long life. Check the more recent pictures from the last six months of Star's happy existence. Also Pat Hatch's picture of the whole litter is unbelievable. Stella was Star's predecessor here, the one that sold me on the breed, and a wonderful, good hearted critter in her own right.

star 10 wks - green eyes star of the show
Star at 10 weeks Another bath????
star 10 wks head twist star looking skyward
Did you ay "GO"???? Junior
star 10 wks purple stardog
Star takes on pro wrestler Star Dog
Saturn Star
Star becomes the first Berner to make it past the orbit of Mars.

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