Butternut's Stellabear


Stella was a officially known to the AKC as Butternut's Stellabear. Born on May 15, 1987, she came home in July at seven weeks. Smart, loyal, calm, beautiful, she ended up going nearly everywhere with me for the next eight and a half years. She was welcome at nearly every job I worked, the local drycleaner, video and book stores, even a gift store full of shelves and shelves of delicate and valuable trinkets. She especially liked kids. If she had a weakness it was for food of any kind and she ended up carrying some extra weight as a result. As she aged, she developed some back problems that we later discovered probably stemmed from some unknown trauma. This caused intervertebral disk disease, at times quite debilitating for her. It did not prevent her from making it, if a bit slowly, on five a mile hike the first weekend of November, 1995.

On November 6 of 1995, after previous blood and other tests failed to show the root of a little cough and some other minor problems, we did a chest X-ray and following ultrasound investigation. They revealed that cancer had invaded one lung and moved into many organs. It was beyond anyone's ability to treat. We put her on prednisone and I began to take her around to all of her many friends to say goodbye. I too began to say goodbye. The pred brought her spirit and energy level back to near normal even as she approached the end, so she didn't really suffer. I appreciated her presence in my life every single day she was with me and these last days were only more so. On the first weekend in December, Stella stopped eating and soon stopped drinking any water. By Wednesday December 6, 1995 she could not move on her own. The end came among some of her friends at the vet's. I was holding her as she took her last breath. I miss her still. The pictures that follow are of this wonderful and lively soul while she graced my life and that of many, many others.

Stella bathed in morning sun. Stella waits for break time.
Stella at about 3 years old Waiting for break time
Stella with a full head twist in the backyard
In the backyard Roving at Pt. Reyes
Stella and her Alpha male at Halloween, 1987
Two Berners at Halloween Stella with big companion

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