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Temescal Library Saved from Closure--for Now

In mid-January, when the Library was asked to trim $2 million from the current year's budget, Temescal was on a list of seven branches slated for closure. In the Temescal community, as well as in neighborhoods throughout Oakland, people immediately mobilized, organized, and convinced city officials not to close branch libraries. While the grassroots effort was successful, the Library's final cuts still total $775,444, which includes a loss of 16 full-time staff (nearly all at the Main Library), to be effective March 1, and a freeze on supplies and other operational expenses.

Although public service hours were not cut, the reductions will affect our ability to provide services and programs at the Main Library and at Branches. Since the city's entire projected deficit for the next fiscal year is about $40 million, it is expected that the Library will have to make further reductions by July 1st.

For those wanting to keep informed of developments, the Library will be issuing Emergency Budget Bulletins which can be accessed at www.oaklandlibrary.org. Concerned residents are also urged to monitor the Save Oakland Libraries web site at www.kapher.com/SaveLibraries/.

--Sally Bean, Branch Manager, Temescal Library

Not really news:

Read the text of the July 28, 1997 letter regarding the decision NOT to use 4501 Broadway for General Assistance clients. This is great news.

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