Taskforce Rolls and Responsibilities


DAMAGE ASSESSMENT TEAM is responsible for:

* Conducting preliminary and detailed damage assessment surveys

* Assisting neighbors with documentation of belongings (before

disaster) and damage (after disaster)

* Relaying damage assessment information to the Communications


COMMUNICATION TEAM is responsible for:

* Collecting and verifying information obtained from response team

reports and emergency broadcasts

* Relaying appropriate information to the neighborhood Division

Supervisor and the City's Emergency Operation Center


* Ensuring that everyone in the neighborhood with special needs is

identified and assigned a "disaster buddy"

* Identifying local Red Cross shelter sites and potential

temporary shelter within the neighborhood

* Devising the neighborhood evacuation plan

* Organizing neighborhood-wide evacuation drills

* Conducting the neighborhood evacuation

HAZARD MITIGATION TEAM is responsible for:

* Turning off damaged utilities (gas, water, and electric)

* Roping off hazardous areas

* Clearing debris from the street

* Knowing the location of additional water sources

* Confining loose pets

CASUALTY COLLECTION TEAM is responsible for:

* Setting up a casualty collection/first aid station

* Physical and psychological first aid

* Identifying medical resources in the neighborhood

SEARCH AND RESCUE TEAM is responsible for:

* Searching damaged homes for trapped victims

* Removing trapped victims and injured people

* Marking buildings and mapping search area using grids to section

off search areas

* Coordinating with Casaulty Collection Team

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