Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake Preparedness

In 1997, about 30 residents from 44th Street, 45th Street, and the adjoining section of Webster Street participated in the City of Oakland's Earthquake Preparedness (CORE) Training Course. In the first two sessions we reviewed the most important ways to prepare for the inevitable BIG ONE--the earthquake that will register at 7.0 or higher and is predicted to be a major source of destruction.

The first session focused on the importance of preparing our homes to withstand the jolt of an earthquake with minimal injuries, and to obtain supplies for our homes that will help prepare us to survive at least 3 days without municipal or medical support from local hospitals. The second session reviewed how we can organize our neighborhoods into response teams to assess damage to our homes, minimize potential hazards such as gas leaks or fires, and, if necessary, to rescue and attend to victims until further medical assistance is available. We completed three additional trainings, learning more about how to assess damage in the neighborhood, conduct search and rescue (using first aid skills), and reduce life-threatening hazards in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake. On the last night we participated in a drill that simulated a real-life situation, to test our skills in identifying and controlling hazards, putting out fires, and saving people's lives!

The CORE training was great, propelling a sizeable group of neighbors to take some beginning steps in preparing for an earthquake. But it's been a while since we've met as neighbors to discuss earthquake safety. Does anyone want to get us going again?


A good place to start is the Citizens of Oakland Respond to Emergencies (CORE) Web site at:

Here you will find all sorts of information about earthquake preparedness and trainings.

Part of the process of preparing our neighborhood to respond to a major earthquake involves getting to know each other, and anticipating who might be more vulnerable (for example, those living in unreinforced dwellings, the elderly, people with physical disabilities, and children who might be left unattended during some periods of the day). Needless to say, we could benefit from taking the course again, refresh our skills, and involve new neighbors.

In the meantime, you might want to take a few moments to fill out the attached 3-part questionnaire, which will familiarize the neighborhood earthquake committees with your needs and concerns. (Please return your completed questionnaire to the contact person from your street, listed below, whose name appears with a *. We want to guarantee that the information you provide will be held in confidence, and will be used solely for the purpose of planning for your household's safety in the event of a disaster.)

44th Street * [Needs a new street leader.]
Laura Jackson (601-1580)
Howard Lasseter (601-6729)
Gloria Cobb (428-0827)

45th Street * Tom Wenzel, 416-45th (601-0574)
Patrick Hickey (428-7633)

Webster Street * Cathy Steirn, 4415 Webster (547-3193)
John Goodwin (655-6727)

Please fill out the Temescal Neighborhood Earthquake Preparedness Questionnaire.

Also, please fill out the Earthquake Preparedness Family Registry Form and Earthquake Preparedness Special Skills/ Equipment/ Resources Form and return them to one of the above individuals.

More information is available on Earthquake Task Force Rolls and Responsibilities.

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If you have information for any of the above, suggestions, questions or simply words of encouragement, please contact Andy Miller. Also, check my site.